By Harry S. Pariser

Save for those who benefit and are in control, every long-term resident must be taken aback by the transformation of a once friendly, once affordable small city, one filled with quirky characters and small businesses into a cold, metal-and-glass-and concrete theme park for techies and tourists…

Our strong and decisive mayor has promulgated that all of these thousands of “parklets” shall stand as proud symbols of neoliberalist aesthetic achievement for all time. We can’t say how proud we are to have these permanently in our neighborhoods!

  • There are too many parking spaces. Having fewer parking spaces…

An Open Letter to San Francisco City Government about the Skystar Observation Wheel in Golden Gate Park

Harry S. Pariser

I sent this letter to the Historical Preservation Commission and the Recreation and Parks Commission. At this point the Board of Supervisors is going to rule on the ridiculous four-year…

The Buells, the Elitists Who Destroy Democracy in San Francisco

I wrote this several years ago for a one-time presentation with the DSA Writer’s Group in San Francisco. Since then it is worth noting that Eleni Kounalakis, who lives in the same building as the Buells and was introduced to…

The Annotated Mohammed Nuru FBI Arrest Complaint (San Francisco Public Works Department Director)

“I would like to operate the Little Puffer steam train at the San Francisco Zoo. You get to be outdoors, see the animals and make people, especially kids, happy.” — Mohammed Nuru (source)

Well known as an…

Some Tough Questions for San Francisco California District 5 Supervisor Vallie Brown



Appointed by conservative San Francisco Mayor London Breed to serve out her term after she won the mayoral election, Valerie Brown has served as an aide to both London Breed and her predecessor Ross Mirkarimi.

The election…

How to win office as a Supervisor or Mayor in San Francisco

Formula for a conservative to be elected Supervisor or Mayor in San Francisco:

1) Get appointed to various commissions. Head an institution, work for a labor union and/or get elected to a lesser office.

2) Use your life…

This cartoon is by a San Francisco resident who was later pushed out by gentrification.

I wrote this article in 2013, and I wanted to update it, as many newcomers are unaware and uninformed about this situation.

For the article, scroll down.

Changes to the grounds

Since the entry taxes were first introduced, visitorship by locals has dropped. Evidence of this is on the main…

Harry S. Pariser

Harry S. Pariser is a long time resident of San Francisco, CA.

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